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Introducing Watchtower from Peel Tech


Our On-Demand, Remote Access Solution To Keep You and Your Computer Up And Running Without Any Technical Difficulty

Our Shop Is Now OPEN!


Announcing Our Grand Opening 🙌 We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our shop at 1500 Westlake Ave. N Suite 104 in Seattle, Wash. We offer a warm and inviting location anyone can visit, sit down and have one-on-one consultation / lesson or just to drop off a device for troubleshooting. The Shop […]

The FBI Says You Should Reboot Your Router


The FBI Says To Reboot Your Router At A Minimum! There’s a new threat in town and Russian hackers might be accessing personal information through your home’s wireless router. Click here to learn more from our friends at CNET. Determine which routers are most likely affected and what more you need to do to protect […]

Technology Newsletter June 2017


Summer came fast and furious this last weekend. For those that like the heat you were in heaven, and for those that like the rain, you probably found yourself at the mall or movie theatre.