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CASE STUDY | Retirement Community Tech Support Program


How Peel Tech Transformed Tech Support at Horizon House Horizon House is a vibrant retirement community located in the heart of downtown Seattle. Their campus is home to close to 550 adults, 62 and better. Horizon House offers Independent Living for those seeking an active lifestyle, Assisted Living for those who need assistance with the […]

smart tv with streaming apps

Here’s How to Go Full Media Streaming on Your Smart TV & Cut the Cord to the Cable Box


Here are three ways to go full media streaming on your smart TV and get rid of the ugly black cable box and still have access to all the TV shows you want. Going full media streaming on your smart TV is smart! Have you ever wondered what that ugly black box is connected to […]

Peel Tech Gift Guide

Peel Tech Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays offer an opportunity to give and receive new devices and with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect item. That’s why we have created a Holiday Gift Guide specifically designed for our customers. If you’re looking to upgrade a few devices, try something new or are buying for […]

You have been hacked

Antivirus Software – Why an Extra Layer of Security is Essential!


In a recent survey, we asked our customers if they use any other antivirus software protection or malware protection programs in addition to what came on their computers. Most answered, NO. We are here to recommend additional antivirus software protection to all our customers. While some devices come with built-in antivirus software protection, you still […]

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