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Announcing Our Grand Opening 🙌

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our shop at 1500 Westlake Ave. N Suite 104 in Seattle, Wash. We offer a warm and inviting location anyone can visit, sit down and have one-on-one consultation / lesson or just to drop off a device for troubleshooting.

The Shop is nestled along the boat-filled shores of Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood and offers a sanctuary away from the typical chaotic and overwhelming environment you’d find at an Apple or Microsoft store.

The Shop is currently by appointment only. As business continues to grow, we’ll announce regular-operating hours. You can send an email to theshop@peel.tech or click the button below to schedule your next appointment.

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Tips & Tricks

How To Clean Up Your Smartphone Address Book

We get this question a lot from our customers. Our friends over at Techlicious published an incredible article explianing exactly why and how to clean up your ancient list of contacts.

“Your contacts list isn’t just for making calls. It also populates messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Viber. It powers your email contacts, and it rears its head in your calendar app too.

It’s worth your while to clear the clutter in your contacts list and, at the same time, streamline your other accounts.”

Click here to read the full article and start clearing and organizing contacts for good!

The Best Photo Book Sites

Our clients love photos! Heck, everyone loves photos. But photos don’t have to be left behind on a Facebook or Instagram Feed when it’s so easy and fun to create colorful high-quality photo books. Here’s a list of the best sites for creating photo books no matter your patience or creativity.

  1. Shutterfly
  2. Mixbook
  3. Pinhole Press
  4. Montage
  5. Blurb

Feel free to share the finished product with us when we stop by for an appointment!

Products We ❤️

Fingbox Network Security System:

We’ve had an increase in questions from customers with young kids and teens, around available tools to help with parental controls, monitoring and security. We recommend Fingbox. Click on the link to learn more and as always…. If you need assistance setting up, please book an appointment with us.

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